How to aim from a top aimer

A guide on aiming, how to aim train, and what to train; whilst covering the theory behind aiming and why things work the way they do.

AimBeastAlphaMale Playlist Post Playlist including Siege warmups. (Updated: 2.9.2021)

You can place the playlist files here. (Adjust drive letter and game location if you have a customized install.)


Voltaics Kovaaks Benchmarking and Routines

Voltaic is an educational and entertainment content team as well as a community with a focus on improving aim in (FPS) Games. They strive to foster improvement in their members through various challenges, competitions, ranks/teams, free resources (guides/routines/benchmarks), advice, coaching and mentoring.

You can begin by playing their Kovaaks benchmarking scenarios. Then enter your high scores for each scenario into their progress sheet.

You can make the progress sheet editable by clicking (File) then (Make a copy).

File Make a copy

Also make sure you click on the appropriate benchmark set at the bottom left. I think most of us would choose intermediate as these benchmarks are no joke. Seriously be prepared to humbled.

Make a copy

Based on your benchmark you can play the routines at your level to help you improve. You can find the routines available for download here.

Here is their breakdown on how to play their Kovaaks routines.

Voltaics Aimlabs Benchmarking and Routines

Works the same as Kovaaks.

Benchmarking scenarios and Progress sheet

For routines simply press CTRL + F in-game and type Voltaic, their playlists will then show up at the top, click and play the version that matches your skill level. Tip: beginners will have to play the intermediate benchmarks.

Here is their breakdown on how to play their Aimlabs routines.

Mouse Sensitivity

These days I (bad_syntax) measure my sensitivity in cm/360. It's a universal way to measure your sens. It is literally the amount of centimeters it takes for you to move your mouse and do a 360 degree turn. So a higher number equals a lower sensitivity.

Useful Links

Mouse Sensitivity Calculator. It can be used to get your cm/360 in a multitude of games. This calculator can also help you be more precise with your measurements. Sometimes you just want the tiniest increase/decrease in sens but the games multipliers increase/decrease in too large amounts. You can enter the information into the calculator first to make small changes to your cm/360 before you go messing with your setup to get the right numbers first. and Kovaak Sensitivity Matcher are converters to convert your mouse sensitivity in one game to another. So if you found the perfect sense in one game and want it in another you can use these to convert.

There is also and interesting article here about sensitivity and how to find your perfect sens.

High vs Low Sensitivity

When talking about high vs low sens most people will say that it's preference. However top tier pro aimers with high sens are rare when compared to top tier pro aimers with low sens. The numbers speak for themselves and for me it's hard to be unbiased when looking at all the evidence. Gun to my head low sens is better.